Going Postal … Scale

My latest favorite knitting accoutrement: A Postal Scale.

I’m a little neurotic. I worry about running out of yarn on the second sock. This worry is not without merit. My husband has big feet. I knit his first pair of socks from a lovely skein of Madelinetosh. I ran out about 1/2 inch before the toe. I bought another skein, but everything you’ve ever heard about dye lots is true. Skein 1 was slate-ish gray. Skein 2, same color name but different dye lot, was pretty darn green. Spousal sock two has a green toe. Luckily, he loves me and the socks so well that he has said that all I ever need to give him, on any gifting occasion, is a pair of socks.

Did I marry the right guy, or what?

I am currently knitting him his birthday socks. They’re toe up. This gives me a whole new arena in which to worry. How many repeats? How far should I go? Honey, would you try this on? Is it better than an anklet? No? Tough!

He tried the sock on a few minutes ago. Clearly, the sock needs another 2 inches. I agonized.

Luckily, I can count among my recent purchases: a postal scale: a device meant to measure the fine divisions of ounces that determine the price of mailing a letter or package. AND–I’d remembered to weigh the skein before I started the Birthday Socks.

The skein start weight was 4 oz. I dragged the scale out and weighed the ball from which I am knitting. The weight was [drumroll… ] 2.7 oz! I definitely can add another 2 inches to the leg of the sock!

Huzzah! Who knew such a simple device could bring such peace?

I love my postal scale.

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