Knitters and Not-Knitters

If I asked you: Where were you, Wednesday May 4th, 2011, at noon, Pacific Time, what would you say?

Would you say: “Huh? What did I miss?”

Or would you say “I was clicking the Register Now link on the Sock Summit registration page”?

A little sock on a pruned shrub

Okay, I get it. Really, I do. 10 years from now, I probably won’t remember where I was on Wednesday May 4th, noon Pacific Time; I will forever remember where I was when I heard that Osama bin Laden was dead. (I was walking to the breakfast table when my son ran out and told me about bin Laden with the awe and wonder present only in the eyes of a person experiencing an historic moment for the first time.)

But since I happen to be one of those people who was clicking on the Register Now link, I had occasion to notice, once again, the differences between knitters and not-knitters. My brow was furrowed as I clicked around, trying to get into the classes I wanted. I ignored the colleague eavesdropping on my screen while asking, “Sock Summit? Is that a code? Or is it really about, y’know, SOCKS?” I deigned to answer him only after completing my first pass through registration. Finally I said, “Yes. It really IS about socks. Hand knitted socks.”


I whipped a little sock out of my knitting bag. “Look at this. Wouldn’t you want this on your foot? Feel how soft it is!”

“Naw. It’s too small.”

Another colleague happened to be watching by now. She said, “Oh. Well, I guess if it was a convention about pirates, I’d feel the same way.”

Huh. So I guess there are Pirates and Not-Pirates. Who knew? I’m a Not-Pirate Knitter.


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