Last-Minute Lacy Wine Gift Bag

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Last-Minute Lacy Wine Gift Bag

Quick-to-knit, this wine gift bag will turn even an ordinary bottle of wine into an exquisite gift. The bag is knit in the round from the bottom up using a disappearing loop cast-on and the magic loop method. Horseshoe lace is easy to learn, making this a great pattern for knitters who are ready to try lace. The cotton yarn is fabulously soft and washable—serve the wine from the drip-catching bag, then toss it in the laundry. The stretchy lace will accommodate a variety of bottle types.


I was about to entitle this post “Holy crap, I did it!” but then I thought it would probably be better to use the title of THE FIRST PATTERN I’M PUBLISHING. I am not sure quite why this feels like such a big huge deal, but, well, it does. I’m selling through Ravelry, which gets just a touch more traffic than my blog here. That means that if you click on the Buy Now link, you’ll be whisked away into Ravely’s fulfillment service on PayPal.

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