Dishtowel Blocking Board

Possibly genius idea: Block on a dishtowel! Y’know, one of those that has a nubby grid woven in to wick moisture away, should I ever happen to put the towel to its intended use–which is rather unlikely, given my antipathy for housework.

I am swatching a leaf lace in various yarns, trying to figure out a new pattern. I soaked my little swatches overnight, then rolled them in a dishtowel. I spread the towel on my mini-trampoline (a great place to block swatches, as air can get at the work from underneath.) (Heaven forbid that I put the mini-trampoline to its intended use, either.) I started pinning my swatches to the towel and epiphany struck! Hey, I can square these up and align them with the grid on the dishtowel!

All right, it may seem silly, but it’s important to take our joy and epiphanies where we can, right?

Three lace swatches

Lace swatch

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