I have dyed

I have now dyed yarn twice. Here are pictures of the yarn that came in the TwistedPDX Single Skein Club April 2010 kit. It’s a bulky 100% wool (I forget which brand! Shoot me!) The color came out a bit paler than I wanted. However, I have wound it up and plan to experiment with knitting something to felt. I was inspired to do this because the yarn started felting as I dyed it!

Here are pix of the process.

Yarn to be dyed

The yarn, soaking in a tub. It soaked for an hour.

dye pot

Cherry Kool-Aid and vinegar heated to 185 degrees

Dying in process

I added the yarn to the pot. It instantly started slurping up the Kool-Aid

empty pot

This is the pot after the yarn came out. There was no color left.

yarn drying

The yarn, hanging in the shower to dry

Thanks to the fabulous women at Twisted for coming up with this project. I’ve been inspired to continue dyeing and have also experimented with superwash merino. More stuff to come. I promised myself I’d finish my Obligation Knitting so I can pursue Dying with Abandon.

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